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Friday, February 26, 2021

My New Goal

The pandemic has taught me a lot. Like all of us we've learned what is more important to us than anything. And one of the biggest things I've come across is my want of a house. 

Homes have always been important to me. My dad was a realtor my whole childhood and I was constantly at his office, going on home tours and attending open houses. I loved it. My parents bought my childhood home for a steal in a great neighborhood and slowly fixed it up as newlyweds. I ran through the halls of the home my grandparents built for themselves. Like I said, homes are important. 

And as the pandemic raged and I was stuck in my apartment, I realized that buying a house is my next big goal. For so long it was graduate high school, graduate college, get a job, do this program, etc. But now? It's a home....which is exciting, but also terrifying

Because, how the hell am I going to buy a house? And be able to afford one that I want in the city that I want? I have no idea. But I've decided my first step is a financial planner. So, that's my goal for 2021, finding a financial planner that can help me save up for the house while also putting money into a scholarship fund for the future while also being able to eat out and travel. 


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