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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Workout Wear

It's mid-March and maybe you're in a workout slump. Maybe you've been doing so well but we're a year into the pandemic and you just don't feel like working out right now. First of all, you're valid and you should do whatever you want with your body. Second, take some time off! You weren't meant to be constantly working out, enjoy yo self! But if you think buying some cute new leggings or a sports bra will motivate you, may I introduce you to the cute ones below! — xoxo darling, Hayden
1. Black & White Bra, 2. Blue with Green Stripe Leggings, 3. Pink Sneakers, 4. Purple Bra, 5. Pink Leggings, 6. Grey and Pink Bra, 7. Light Blue Leggings, 8. Light Blue Sneakers, 9. Navy with Low Stripe Leggings, 10. Black Leggings, 11. Grey Water Bottle, 12. Grey Bra, 13. Navy Leggings, 14. Green Bra, 15. Navy Water Bottle, 16. Grey Long-Sleeve Shirt, 17. Black Bra, 18. Navy Sneakers, 19. Navy Skirt, 20. Badminton Shirt

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