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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Nine Favorites inspired by Half Baked Harvest

I've been using Half Baked Harvest's recipes for years but I recently started reading her blog every day and have fallen in love with her Sunday "Nine Favorite Things" so I thought I'd give a try for ya today! Let me know what you think — xoxo darling, Hayden.

1. Things I'm loving

How SNL pulled off Kamala Harris' white suit.

Woman get saddled with a lot...

Some of the best books by Trans authors.

Jess' gift guide is epic.

Definitely want to watch this documentary

I admit I've been reading some favorites from high school as of late.

100 percent want all of these.

2. Holiday Cards

3. Recently watched & read

Read...The Devil in the White City — I finally did this one after years of meaning to. I listened to the audiobook and found it absolutely fascinating. 

Read...The Penguin Who Knew Too Much — I love listening to these on Axis360! They make them even more fun.

Watched...The Crown — If you haven't yet...why not? Diana's wardrobe is KILLER.

Watched...Great British Bake-Off — Love putting this on in the background while I get things done.

4. Sunnies for the bright winter sun

5.  Holiday bucket list

— Make Reindeer Food —
— Watch all the new Netflix movies —
— Go on a holiday light walk —
— Make Christmas cocktails —

6. Cozy recipes from Haute Table

Breakfast Grilled Cheese (perfect for Christmas morning!)

7. Snuggly pajamas

8. Get ready for the holidays

9. Some recent favorites from Pinterest

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