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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

My New Thing: Audiobooks

Back in September I decided it was time to read Pride & Prejudice. The 2005 film is one of my comfort movies...I put it on to fall asleep more than once a night and have so much of it memorized. It's one of the most beautiful films I've ever watched. But...secret: I had never read the book. So, it was time. But I'm trying to limit my social interactions (you know, global pandemic) so the library was out and I kind of refuse to buy books (not always but most of the time). I looked on iBooks and low and behold, the audiobook of P&P was FREE! And read by Kate Beckinsale!! 

I listened to it every day on my walk and when it was done I decided I would try an old book from one of my favorite authors...then I listened to a classic murder mystery...and now I can't stop. It is the perfect distraction for my long walks. Since most audiobooks are not free, I've started downloading them from my library and it has been so nice. I think I'm going to try Harry Potter next...we shall see how it goes!

For the longest time I was opposed to audiobooks because I didn't think it was truly "reading" a book...but you know what, it counts! So call me a convert. 

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