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Friday, July 5, 2019

Korčula, Croatia Guide

My basic suggestion with Korčula is to just enjoy it. Take your time, walk around a lot, drink at a bar on the edge of the island, just stop going and relax. That's what the island was like for us — the town is absolutely tiny & adorable, the people are laid-back and there aren't a ton of sites to see. If I wanted a relaxing vacation of eating, drinking, swimming & beauty, I would choose Korčula. I loved it.

How to Get There:

Since we were coming from Dubrovnik, we took the Ferry Krilo — it's a giant catamaran that is super fast and runs between Dubrovnik and Split, stopping at the islands. We left in the afternoon, arrived at dinner time in Korčula. I would highly recommend this method as I think having a car on the island would be pointless. Everything is within a five minute walk and a car would just be annoying to park. The crew running the ferry are really efficient, it takes them about 15 minutes to board the whole boat and they'll seat you by destination. There are shelves for your suitcases, a bar serving snacks (I recommend the Kviki pretzels and a Karlovačko beer) and clean bathrooms at the back of the ship. The whole thing is inside and it's so big I didn't struggle with motion sickness. The ferry lets you out right down the street from the entrance to Korčula's main gate and bam, you're there! 

What To Do:

St. Mark's Cathedral

Located in the center of town, the cathedral has a tower that you can climb up inside and once you reach the top you have the most beautiful view of the area. Be forewarned, it's pretty steep and tight up there. There is even a red light/green light system for a section of it because you can not go past one another!

Walk Around

Truly, there is not a whole lot to do on the island, but walk around and be in awe of its beauty. We just did laps of the town and each time I found another thing to take a photo of. It's just gorgeous.

Where to eat & drink: 

This was highly recommended by the blogger-sphere and it didn't disappoint. It's outside of the city walls — but you could throw a rock from the main gate to this spot. I had the cheese pizza and it was delightful. We also had some chicken kebabs with fries that were good. I recommend grabbing a table outside as the sunsets and enjoying your time at this little cafe. 
This was another highly recommended spot and it didn't disappoint. The Google Maps way of getting there is a little complicated, so be aware that you might get a little lost trying to find it that way. The gelato flavors were all unique and fun — I had a cookie crunch Marco Polo situation that I loved. 
This little spot is great for breakfast, just outside of the old town. We sat outside and were entertained by a cat who didn't want to be bothered and a toddler intent on bothering it. The omelette was great and it came with really good toasted bread. 
Cukarin sells local products and the cookies are ahhhmaze. The Cukarin, which kind of looks like a crab is traditional shortbread-esque cookie and the Amareta tastes like delicious almonds — I loved it. We got a box of these goodies and ate them on one of our walks. To be honest, I wish we had gotten more! 
Right across the street from our Airbnb, Amfora makes good pizza and super fresh lasagna. We sat outside in the alley and enjoyed our time! 

Caffe Bar Step

If you are waiting to catch the ferry and have some time to kill, I suggest this place. You can sit outside under the roof. Plus, it's a great place to camp out if it starts to drizzle, like it did to us. They have plenty of beer on tap and a clean restroom too. 

Bars along Promenade

This is one of my favorite things we did. We literally just picked a bar on the beautiful promenade and drank craft beer while enjoying the atmosphere. There are tons of bars and they all serve good drinks, so just pick one and do it.

Where to Stay:

We stayed at this Airbnb and loved it! The place is super modern, with a really nice bathroom and two beds. It is right by the main gate and is in the city walls. It is the perfect location for anything you could want to do in the town.

Other Resources:

  • Go in shoulder season, we went in May and it was perfect. We always got seated at restaurants and didn't have to wait in long lines for anything. Plus, the island just seems calm and laidback. 
  • Here is my Croatia vlog if you would prefer to watch instead of look through the photos!
  • Below is a map with everything mentioned in this guide, so you can plan your own trip.

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