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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Week Re-Cap

Ice Cream at Snowl
Okay, so in the scope of everything, I had a really good week. I got to try a bunch of desserts, hung out with friends, went to the best farmers' market in Denver and more. But, on the personal/emotional side, it wasn't great. And my ladies out there will know what I'm talking about when I say my period just wouldn't come. And for me, my emotions go haywire when I'm PMSing, in the sense that I get really down on myself and get super emotional...depending on the month I will cry more than I normally cry, etc. And my period was basically a week and a half late by the time it finally came so this last week I was just feeling in a funk, begging mother nature to just let me have my period — sounds crazy, but my emotions get back to normal once I start bleeding (TMI? Nah, as women we should talk about the graphic elements of our period more so that it isn't as stigmitized...because we all do it and let's make it not a "behind-closed-doors" issue). So, now I'm feeling back to normal and like I said, it was a good week in general.
This week should be really fun, on Saturday Lauren and I are headed to the Arapahoe County Fair (for all the foods, rides and fun we can stand) and Sunday I'm hosting a picnic (blog post about it next week) at Wash Park. What are y'all up to? - xoxo darling, Hayden

After-work happy hour at Los Chingones.

Some delicious bbq at Piggin' Out BBQ.

Wednesday morning office at Global Coffee in Arvada.

The best creamsicle in Denver at Milkbox Creamery.

Re-reading this favorite from high school.

Dinner at Sip.

Grabbed a Good Times burger on Friday.

Jess's sweet cat.

I got a free car wash on Saturday and it's the kind where the soap is all colorful.

Morning coffee at Atlas.

An Ube milkshake at Zero Degrees.

Mango rolled ice cream at Wonder Tea.

A very pretty coffee shop, Sonder.

Sunflower latte.

The South Pearl Farmers' Market — aka the best in Denver.

Some delightful cold brew.

A savory roll at Duffeyroll Cafe.

Banana ice cream — made entirely of fruit. 

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