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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Week Re-Cap

Hops & Pie
Happy happy happy hump day! It has been a weird week for me...I keep waking up, like wide awake, at 4am (I get up at 6:15 M-F). The past few days I haven't embraced it but this morning I slept for another hour and then just laid in bed and caught up on some stuff around 5:30am. It was nice and I kind of don't need coffee because I am truly bright-eyed. Enough about my sleeping patterns! Yesterday I had my first volunteer meeting and I'm really hyped about it! I'm going to be helping with an event called Sampling for Hope that happens in June. Everyone on the committee is super nice and I have a feeling I'll get close with them by the time the event rolls around. This weekend I have Public Policy Day for AAUW, which I am hyped about! And of course I'll watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but other than that it should be fairly chill.
I apologize because this post is mainly food...but it's kind of all I do now...hahaha. How is your week? - xoxo darling, Hayden

Dinner @ Gozo

One of the best cocktails I've had thus far...

Look at those beauts! 

Tried Steam Espresso Bar - loved it.

Celebrated National Chocolate Cake Day with this lil guy from Azucar.

Look at that sunset!

Monday morning coffee in bed while working from home due to snow.

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  1. I swear all my weekly recaps are all about food too haha! What a fun week!