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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Week Re-Cap

South Valley Park
Happy Wednesday lovelies! It has been such a nice week of being at home. I started off with a few hikes around my neighborhood see above & directly below then I decided to try yoga...and I'm loving it. After doing a ton of research I've found about five studios I want to try in south Denver and I'm now onto my second. The first was amazing...and I think I might end up going back to it at the end of my trial periods at the other studios, but we shall see. Becky and I met for our first brunch of 2019 at a wonderful creole cafe in downtown Littleton and I made a new friend at a tea shop. Yesterday Blair and I went for happy hour margaritas and tacos (but those photos will be in next week's re-cap because I'm too lazy to plug my phone in #sorrynotsorry). Tonight I have a date & we're getting burgers...I've been craving a burger for a week! Tomorrow my new friend and I are grabbing dinner, which I'm also thrilled about. Hope your week is going well, let me know if you're up to anything exciting in the comments - xoxo darling, Hayden.

A little weekend hike in South Valley Park. It was beautiful and I saw a coyote.

Had my first brunch of 2019 at Lucile's Creole Cafe in Littleton. 

Really continuing my Creole theme from my NOLA trip.


Look at that biscuit!!

Went for a walk and found these geese half swimming in the pond, half sitting on the ice. 

Adore this little yoga studio in Littleton, Five Wellbeing.

A very cute and extensive tea shop in downtown Littleton called iN-TEA.

Finished this book & absolutely loved it! Set in the South of France, four friends decide to open a restaurant an hijinks (including money laundering & drugs) ensue!

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