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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Dior: From Paris to the World

Oh my lawd y'all. When I saw this exhibit was coming to Denver I actually squealed a little. As a person who has been obsessed with fashion for a long time (hahaha, this did start out as a fashion blog...and it pretty much still is), Dior has always been one of my favorites. I like the classic lines and the beauty of Dior dresses. The exhibit was originally in Musée des Arts décoratifs, which is my favorite museum in Paris, and I hoped I would one day get to see it. Of course, then I move to Denver and bam, there it is! 
I visited back in December and was just in awe the entire exhibit...to the point I want to go back as now i know what to expect so I can enjoy it even more. The pieces selected are some of the best and I just knew I had to share them with y'all. And if you're in Denver or visiting before the exhibit closes you should absolutely go - xoxo darling, Hayden.

I am not a fan of audio guides, not sure why, I'm just not but they give you a 
book of all the information, which is so nice!

Love love love that bottom middle dress. 

As you can see in the first image they did this part of exhibit by color 
and I'm obsessed with that pink coat.


Such a classic dress but so fun at the same time!

I really like how this one has hard edges but they're soft at the same time.

We should all be feminists, it should just be part of our society !!

The last room of the exhibit is these giant layered displays and I just stood in awe. 

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