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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Orleans Re-Cap/Guide

Oh lord our trip to New Orleans for New Years and the Sugar Bowl was an absolute blast. I've included over 40 photos with links to everything we did, but ultimately we drank a lot, ate a ton and watched Texas defeat Georgia. Plus, I got to do it all with my best friend, Zach and my parents. I love them all so dearly and doing the countdown for 2019 on the steps near the Mississippi River was so worth it. Hope your NYE was magical and you're loving 2019 already - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Since we all got in super late (about 2am when my head finally hit the pillow) I just picked a random place that was still serving breakfast with a decent review. And holy moly, this place was absolutely amazing. The food was fantastic & the hostess was an icon. Highly recommend Surrey's if you're looking for breakfast in NOLA.

Look at that biscuit!

Despite the day being humid and gross, 
New Orleans was looking as pretty as ever.

Our first drink of the trip at my parent's favorite bar in the French Quarter, Fritzel's Jazz. And our Lyft driver later that night said it was her favorite bar, if she had to pick one, in the French Quarter. 

Some parts of the city remind me of study abroad, I love all of the colorful buildings.

Our first time...and let's be real here, last time...to Pat O'Brien's.

Got the classic Hurricane.

Our next stop was (as later determined) our favorite tourist bar, Tropical Isle.

This is where you can get the infamous Grenade "the strongest drink in the world." It tastes way better than I expected, kind of like a Jolly Rancher. 

They also do "Shark Attacks" where they play sirens, the bartender gets out a whistle and makes you're Shark Attack drink by filling up a cup with clear liquor, then getting out a big plastic shark, filling it up with a red liquid, and attacking your cup so the red liquid, or blood" gets all in your drink. They then give you the shark to keep. It's hilarious and I think everyone needs to do it once. 

A linner situation at Clover Grill as we ate at 4:30pm but it was wonderful. 

Some NYE crowns for celebrating.

A Pimm's Cup at Napoleon House.

We ran into our OG little!

Had to get a daiquiri from Big Easy.

Breakfast at Blue Line Sandwich, wanted to go somewhere else but they were only taking reservations (I'm still bitter) but I found this place around the block and it was delicious.

A trip to NOLA isn't complete without a trip to the Roosevelt Hotel.

A classic Sazerac to begin game-day!

The beautiful lobby of Hotel Monteleone.

And of course, the Carousel Bar.

The place that lives in my dreams, Cafe Du Monde.

The look of love.

My mother's favorite spot in New Orleans for a po'boy is Mother's.

The Superdome was a blast! 

Very happy faces for being Sugar Bowl Champs!

So thankful for these people an the Texas football team! 

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