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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Week Re-Cap

Happy Thursday! I hope y'all got to enjoy your mid-week break for the Fourth like I did. We celebrated with sparklers, firecrackers and by walking to the end of our neighborhood to watch the fireworks on the river. So nice! Oh...and we got Chick-Fil-A catering because...America? 
I am still working on my College World Series re-cap so forgive me, it should be up next week during travel week! Speaking of...TRAVEL WEEK IS NEXT WEEK! Get ready for five posts about tons of different topics. I'm hyped. 

In other news, here are a few snapshots from the past week. As you can see from the above gif (how do you pronounce it?) I finally got my diploma from UT. It was a very exciting moment to finally have it in my hands. Like I'm a college graduate? Nuts. My dad and I have been walking every day just to get outside more and we've been seeing stuff we haven't seen in years because you know how the hustle and bustle of everyday life gets. The photo to the left is from one of our many walks. I love this little neighborhood park. We did a shoot there for #NationalWearYourLillyDay a few years back. We had to run some errands so we stopped in for breakfast at European American Bakery Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Myers. They have delicious iced coffee (with unlimited refills) and their pastries are to die for. I opted for the Napoleon. One of the shots below is from a beautiful sunset in our neighborhood. We've been having beautiful sunsets lately and I've been trying not to be that girl on my Instastories by posting them...but y'all, they're so pretty. 

In the biggest(?) news I made a chocolate souffle. Now, why, is this a big deal? Because my whole life I've heard how hard it is to make this gooey chocolate cake and when I wrote my latest 101 in 1001 I decided to put making one on my list. So I watched about 800 chocolate souffle tutorials on YouTube, found the perfect ramekins, bought all the supplies and made them. I enlisted my parents help and I messed up the first half of the recipe but did it a second time and it worked. We got all three souffles to rise! It was a good moment. Also, I think this was my first time ever eating a souffle and, dang, they're good! The last photo is from July 3rd - we went to Palm City Brewing for some delicious beer to start celebrating the 4th early. I hope y'all's weeks have been good. Let me know what you're up to - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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