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Friday, July 6, 2018

Moisturizer Challenge

So I've been on this planet for over 22 years now. And I have never consistently used moisturizer...despite literally every advice column, beauty counter, magazine and woman telling me I should. After deciding to rush the summer before my freshman year I decided it was time to "step-up" my make-up game. I went to the Clinique counter at Dillards and I loved it. I had a wonderful experience and I got three moisturizers (technically four) and I used them my entire first semester of freshman year. But then they ran out...as they do. And then off and on I would use them. Whenever I put make-up on I do use moisturizer as a barrier between my skin and the make-up but...that isn't right. So here we are, July 2018 and I'm starting the Moisturizer Challenge. I will be *trying* to put moisturizer on at least once a day...maybe twice if I can remember. I've purchased a new Clinique Moisture Surge for this occasion and I'm going to do it. Is this what adulting looks like? 
I am encouraging y'all to join in! Let me know what moisturizers work for you, if you already put moisturizer on, like all the time, because you are an A D U L T or if you are new to this like me. I say we do this for a month and see where it gets us? I want to see if I break out more, if my skin feels softer or if everything just stays about the same. Please join me on this challenge and I'll make post updated with y'all's names & blog's if you do. That way everyone can see us being moisturized adults. What do you say? - xoxo darling, Hayden


  1. This sound like a really fun challenge!

  2. I’m down! I try to use moisturizer every day and night! :]

  3. I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturizing gel in the morning, and then Aveeno’s clear complexion daily moisturizer at night, and I’ve been really happy with that combo (I have oily skin). I don’t see crazy-amazing results from this, but moisturizing daily will become more important as your skin ages so that’s why I keep up that habit! Looking forward to seeing how the challenge goes :)

  4. I used to not be a believer either before I tried Origins! I only use moisturizer once a day, at night immediately after my shower. I HIGHLY recommend Origins Night-A-Mins! If you're looking for a morning moisturizer, my pick is definitely Origins Ginzing. Both are wonderful!


  5. Definitely need to try this challenge for myself!