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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

101 in 1001 Update #3

It has been a minute since I updated y'all on my 101 progress! And guess what, I'm doing really well - in my opinion. I've checked off 22 since May of last year and I am working on a lot more. Below are the updates to the list. How are y'all doing? - xoxo darling, Hayden

4. Read 55 Books - Since I've been out of school I've been reading like crazy. My dad and I have been feeling the mysteries as of late. We're reading a Felix Francis book together and then I'm reading The Improbability of Love. Aside from that I loved The Yard and The Countess of Prague. I just purchased four more books so we're on our way! 

8. See three more live music shows - I've officially completed this goal! Hannah and I saw Chance back in May of 2017 (he's great in concert) then Alyssa took me to a show at ACL Live where ZZ Ward, a favorite of mine from high school. The last was a Continental Club show on Thanksgiving this past year. It was such a great moment to witness live music in Austin at such a historic club. 

13. Watch Three Documentaries - This is another completed goal! I started with the Super Tunnel and then watched Secrets of Underground London (way creepier than I expected) and Gaga: Five Foot Two. The Lady Gaga docu was so so so good. She is such an inspiration and there is way more behind the scenes than you could ever know.

14. Go to all of the home Texas football games as a senior - I checked this one off with a loss to Tech, but well, we don't talk about it. I will say it was really fun to be in the stands with the seniors this season. When I first decided not to do football recruitment for a third year I was sad. The experience was something so few students get to witness/experience but after this past season concluded I knew I made the best decision. I was able to watch games with my best friends and meet new people. 

17. Take a trip with my girlfriend(s) - Hannah and I love traveling together so we went on a trip for my birthday in late March to Denver. Y'all can catch all of that in this vlog but I will say - it is so important to travel with your besties. You learn even more about one another and you really bond on a whole other level. We had a wonderful time...and who knows...maybe you'll see more Denver content on the blog soon...

19. Graduate from college - Well...this was a monumental thing that I did a short while ago. Graduation was one of the most magical events ever...well not my college's graduation, my university's commencement. You can see a ton of that content in my one second every day of senior year video but just know this is the proudest I have ever been of myself and I can't wait to use my college degree to change the world. 

30. Host a party  & 58. Throw a surprise party - Back in October I decided to throw a surprise Founder's Day party for my spirit group, the Texas Ladybirds. I recorded the event in this vlog and it was a lot of fun. Maybe a little too stressful? But worth it at some points. I also have been hosting an annual peppermint party every December and I think I want to continue that in the future. 

37. Take in a show at Esther's Follies - On one of my last days in Austin I finally visited Esther's Follies. Hannah Kay took me and we had a blast! It truly is like SNL but with Austin/Texas themes. We enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly and I would highly recommend it to anyone. 

42. Stay in bed all day - I've done this a few times now and I think it's important. Senior year was stressful for many different reasons so a few days I decided to just stay in bed. I would only get up for bathroom breaks and snacks but other than that I napped, read and watched movies/YouTube/tv. It felt like these days were necessary for my mental health, and if you have the ability to do something like this I suggest you do. 

62. Try a new fried food - Have y'all ever had Fried Texas Sheet Cake? Because you should. 

71. Make a chocolate soufflĂ© - I did it! On the first try! These little desserts had always intimidated me but I finally decided a few weeks ago to just make some. And they all rose! None of them fell! It was so exciting and I'm very proud. 

83. Go on three new hikes - Serena and I made it a goal of ours to go on hikes outside of our comfort zone this past year. We did Walnut Creek and a section of the Austin Greenbelt and really enjoyed both of them. My parents & I hiked through Lost Maples State Natural Area and lordy was it beautiful in the fall. 

84. Get straight A's one last time - My last semester of senior year I took very few classes, and none of them were particularly hard, but I wanted Straight A's so badly one last time. And you know what, even though the classes weren't the hardest I've ever taken getting a 4.0 was hard! I have even more respect for students who are taking a full course load and manage straight A's because that was never me. 

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