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Friday, June 15, 2018

Paperless Post

Paperless Post is a website I've used in the past. My spirit group at UT used the website to create free invitations for our formals and I really liked how they turned out. They didn't look cheesy - a problem I find with most e-invite services. Then a few weeks ago I was approached to do a little post about Paperless Post (they gave me free coins to their site to play around and talk about it). I immediately jumped on it because I truly do like the website and knew this post would be no different than what I normally talk about on HT. So yes, this is #sponsored but I truly have used the service before and will continue to do so in the future. 
To begin, I am a huge believer in thank you notes and sending little cards to my friends to make sure they know I am thinking about them in general. Stationary is a huge selling point for me (I literally have a whole drawer full of it). I should not be allowed in any paper stores because I come out with a new box of greeting cards. In a Snapchat to my closest buddies I told them I would be sending them cute lil e-cards this past week and they were excited. I've also included their opinions on the cards in the post as well so you get both sides. 
Paperless Post has done designer collabs with Kate Spade Brand and Rifle Paper Company, two brands that I adore so those were in my top that I wanted to send but goodness there are SO many cute cards on this site. I've included a bunch of screenshots below...mainly because I couldn't stop? Also, a lot of the cards are free so make an account and use them because why not? Also, this Saturday is Father's Day and they have some dang cute cards y'all, I would highly recommend you check them out. 
I love that each of the cards is fairly customizable. You can change the orientation of the text, add a background, change the font, etc. You can also add or delete envelopes, change the liners and put cute stamps on the cards. The site is fairly easy to use and the search bar works wonders. They truly have everything from wedding invitations to little cards to say hello. I am extremely impressed with how good the cards look - like if I saw this printed in a store, I would buy it. They gave me 25 free coins and I used all of them because I couldn't stop sending stuff. 
Below are my favorites from my experiences and people's feedback. The super cool thing is that you can track cards and get responses back almost instantaneously. I loved knowing when someone opened the card! 
Overall, Paperless Post is great. I already used them and I'm definitely planning to use them in the future just to remind my friends that I love them. What do y'all think? - xoxo darling, Hayden

“Wow that’s a super cute card!!" - The Best Friend

 Such cute cards y'all! 

 Loved sending this one to my mom because she totally is!

 Love this reference to Telephone Hour!
(Fun Fact: I performed this exact song in musical theater camp)

 A Kate Spade classic!

 Tons of pun cards, which are great for my group of friends.

 So heartfelt! 

Sent to a bagel loving friend - "Thanks for thinking of me!! This card is super cute and a nice thing for me to see in my mailbox amidst all the depressing news and spam emails."
Thank you to Paperless Post & Anagram Interactive!


  1. These are so cute-and the puns are lovely!

  2. Definitely going to have to check this site out! Love it!