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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mindy's Bakeshop

 Mindy's Bakeshop had been on my mind for years when I mentioned her to my mom about graduation cookies. See, while I adore baking cupcakes, I love to eat cookies so much more. And I like the ease of a cookie instead of a cake for graduation. But then my mom and I never talked about it again and I just assumed she had forgotten our conversation. Then the morning of graduation we drive north of Austin and there is Mindy, with a box of the most amazing cookies I've ever seen. Seriously. Just look at them. And this is not sponsored content. I just needed to share the adorable cookies she created for me - apparently she looked at HT for inspo and man did she kill it? If you live in the Austin area I would highly recommend her for any of your cookie needs, she is a master. Below are individual shots of each of the cookies so you can see the detail - xoxo darling, Hayden.

 My monogram and the logo for Texas Class of 2018.

 An adorable state of Texas with a succulent over Austin and the blog's logo!

 The most detailed succulent and a grad cap...got to stay on theme...

Her unicorns have always amazed me so she did some for me! And a Longhorn to stay on #brand.

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