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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

{India's War // Hat // Facial Fuel // Beard Comb // Yeti // Cookie Cake // Shiner // Beer Glasses // Lagunitas // President is Missing // Parks of Tallahassee // Connect 4 // Triple Crown // Chocolates}
Father's Day is this Sunday! Haven't gotten your dad a present yet? Or maybe you are looking for some more gift ideas. This guide is full of gifts you can go out and buy right now so you'll have them in time for Sunday (and their Steve approved) - xoxo darling, Hayden.
India's WarTriple CrownPresident is Missing - If your dad is an avid reader like mine, he would sincerely appreciate books for Father's Day. These three are things my dad would love. India's War is focused on how India played an important role in World War II. The historian dad will love it! Triple Crown is the newest in the Jeff Hinkley series from Felix Francis (Dick Francis' son). If your dad likes horse racing or British culture he'll enjoy this series. Lastly, The President is Missing is the latest venture of James Patterson but this time he's teaming up with Bill Clinton. If your dad is a fan of President Clinton then this is the perfect present - after reading the reviews in the WSJ it's a fun read but don't take it too seriously. 
Hat - Does your dad enjoy a good hat? Maybe he is really into a specific sports team? Banner 47 hats are the best because they travel incredibly well. They aren't structured, you can buy them fitted or adjustable and they fold over on themselves. Also, they come with modern logos or vintage; there are tons of different options. 
Yeti - What dad wouldn't love a Yeti? They seem to be the thing at the moment and they come in a ton of different colors so you can find your father's favorite. This is perfect for the dad that spends his time in the yard, goes to breweries, tailgates or just does something where he needs his beverages to remain cold for long amounts of time. 
Cookie Cake - Everybody loves a cookie cake and the simplicity is something your dad can appreciate. We just ordered my dad's and he's extremely excited. You can customize the cakes by calling instead of ordering online and they just need two hours time - so order now!
ShinerBeer GlassesLagunitas - Craft beer is at its high point and these are the easiest gifts to buy. Go to your local grocery store (or Target, or ABC) and get some of your dad's favorite kinds of beer. Don't know what he likes? Make your own six-packs at places like Total Wine. Lastly, if he doesn't have the right beer glasses, get some so you (if you are 21+) can enjoy a cold one with your dad too.
Facial Fuel - Every dad gets dried out; whether it is the climate y'all live in or after he hops off a cross-country plane ride. Kiehl's is one of my favorite skincare brands and this Facial Fuel looks like an excellent source of moisturizer for your father. 
Parks of Tallahassee Poster - Maybe your dad loves his college town or has an affinity for where he grew up. Check out Etsy's automatic downloads to see what cute posters they have for wherever that might be. I love this one because my dad loves Tallahassee and its parks. You can print it out on nice paper, buy some poster board & mounting spray and make your own little DIY. 
Beard Comb - If your dad has a beard he will love this. We bought my dad one of these a while back and he adores it. You'll find him watching a movie on the couch combing his beard - it's adorable. 
Connect 4 - My dad and I always had a fierce competition over the game Connect 4. We loved playing each other and when I was little he always won but eventually I figured out how to have a "poker face" and got the best of him. We still have our original game board (what do you call the plastic structure of Connect 4?) but I think it would be such a cute gift for your dad to get him the board game y'all used to play. Then you can have competitions with the whole family. 
Chocolates - These Texas Pecan Brags look like the perfect accessory for your dad's office. He can snack on them while he works or offer them to colleagues/associates/guests or you when you stop by to visit. Stop by your local Neiman Marcus to pick them up. 

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