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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Lincoln Stripes

Oh y'all. This shirt was an instant buy when I came across it in Target. They didn't have my size, so for the first time ever I ordered from Target. I shipped it to the store - because free shipment - tried it on in the bathroom and loved it. The color is "rust" but when you put on a Texas hat it looks like the Co-Op sold it. The ruffle detailing on the sleeves is such a nice touch to the simple shirt. The shorts are incredibly old {you've seen them in countless blog posts} and the hat can be found here. Also, peep the shoes, so #onbrand for Haute Table. My iced coffee is from Scooter's Coffee - it's like Dutch Bros - and I loved it. We were at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska. I really enjoyed our time in Lincoln, I had been when I was little but remembered very little. The town has beautiful landscaping and trees. This park is run by the city but it seems like a private park when you're there. What do y'all think? - xoxo darling, Hayden

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