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Friday, April 6, 2018

What I've Read & Watched Recently

A few months ago I wrote a post like this and since then I have watched a lot of movies/TV shows and I've read a few good things so I thought I would share. Let me know what I should watch/read next - xoxo darling, Hayden.
M O V I E S  &  T V  S H O W S

The Alienist - My dad read this book twice, which for him is a big deal. So when he saw it was coming on TV he told me to watch it. And I did (because he has wonderful taste). IT IS SO GOOD. Seriously, this show makes me think, it gets me angry (the feminist at heart) and I am always waiting for Monday nights to come around. The plot is centered on gruesome murders of young boys, an alienist, the first woman to work at NYPD, Teddy Roosevelt and more. It is a great watch and I would recommend to anyone who loves a mystery. 

Santa Clarita Diet - If you don't like blood and guts, do not watch this show. If that stuff doesn't bother you then go ahead and watch! The show is hilarious and the cast works really well together. You can tell they have chemistry. It's short and sweet so I will watch it while I eat dinner before I study/apply for jobs. 

Longmire - If you love a good "blue sky" cop show, this is for you. You can binge it on Netflix (there are six seasons), I do on the regular. It is the story of Walt Longmire and his police department in Wyoming. The show is filmed in New Mexico and I've never wanted to visit somewhere this bad because of how beautiful the scenery is. Walt's view from his front porch is out of a National Geographic magazine, I swear. There are a cast of characters but they solve crimes, they have dealings with the Native American tribe and craziness always ensues. It gets a little dark in the third and fourth season but I promise it is worth the watch. 

The Post - Oh my goodness. The journalism major in me really geeked out over this film. Also, Meryl Streep is just a goddess. If you still haven't seen this movie, please do. It really helps you understand journalism and why it is more important than ever to have the media. Meryl's character becomes a little bit of a feminist, kind of inadvertently, which is very cool to see. Plus, my professor worked on it! 
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - We all know this is trash, but I can't stop. These women are just so over the top. It is my go-to "I've had a bad day and just want to relax" show. I watch it on the DirectTV app once a week and it is worth it for just that amount of time. I could never binge it or I would want to throw something at each woman. 
Artbound - My dad and I watched this episode of Artbound about Frank Lloyd Wright's houses in Los Angeles. My family has always loved FLW's architecture for as long as I can remember. Once,

for Halloween, we were in Chicago so they had me trick-or-treat in Oak Park. We've been to a few of the houses in this film and they are all fascinating. FWL's story is an interesting one and this looks into how his architecture speaks to a certain time of his life. Also, looking at the Artbound website, I think I want to watch more of them. 

Marshall - I watched this on a plane ride because I love a good underdog story. It's about Thurgood Marshall (an amazing human) and his fight to prove a man's innocence. The music is good, the writing was great and the clothing was awesome. It is very much a feel good movie that also makes you consider how people are treated in 2018 (it's scary). 

Battle of the Sexes - If you love getting worked up about feminism, this is the movie for you. I watched this one on a flight and I loved every minute of it. Not knowing a lot about the subject of the match is fine, they do the full timeline for you and you'll get worked up about the sexist way tennis used to be. Plus, the acting is phenomenal. I loved Emma Stone and Steve Carell and all of the supporting cast was good as well. 
Nailed It! - Has anyone else seen this show on Netflix? It is absolutely hilarious. It is the feel good show of the month (maybe the year?). People who don't bake attempt to make really difficult cakes (the kind you see on Pinterest). The people are so sweet and the judges are kind. There is no cutthroat aspect and I enjoy that. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events - I read these books in elementary school and loved them. They were the best. The movie was horrible, they were cramming too much stuff into too short amount of time but the TV show on Netflix is great. They spend two episodes per book and I feel like they get all the good out of them. I never re-read the books so this has been so fun to see what I didn't remember. 

B O O K S & Magazines
Hotel Pastis - Peter Mayle is one of my favorite authors of all time but I had never had the opportunity to read this book (it came out over 20 years ago) so when I saw it in my favorite bookstore I immediately purchased it. The book centers around a British man who gets sick of the advertising industry so he vacations in the south of France where he meets a lady who convinces him to buy a property and convert it into a hotel. There is a whole cast of characters including an American student, bank robbers and an adorable butler.

Texas Highways - This magazine has been my go-to for a few months. It is the "travel magazine of Texas" and I have to agree with them. Don't get me wrong, I love my Texas Monthly, but this is way more of what to do, where to eat and where to stay in Texas. The articles are well written, there are good photos and it is just a good break.

Mephisto Waltz - My dad and I have been obsessed with Frank Tallis for a really, really long time. We've read every Lieberman Papers book together so when we saw he finally published a new one we jumped on it. We read it in less than a week and really loved it. It's a little different than his past
mysteries, more of a terrorism theme, but still the same. You'll get wonderful descriptions of 1904 Vienna pastries, they still sing and Amelia & Max make some steps in their relationship. I would 10/10 recommend.

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