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Friday, April 27, 2018

One Week

I don't have a regular post today because I wanted to just take a moment to talk about the fact that a week from today I will no longer have college work responsibilities...just finding a job (it's casual). And that terrifies me. For 15+ years I've been going to school almost every day withs some type of routine and all of that is about to be changed. I almost started crying the other day because I realized my undergraduate career would be over by Thursday...scary right?
However, this weekend is going to be amazing - my best friend and I are going to our favorite state park. My other best friend is flying in from Seattle, I'm taking my graduation photos and I have some other fun things planned. I'll be filming it all so stay tuned. Then next week there will be lots of drinking (how else do you spend your last week of college), hanging out with friends and finishing final projects. I'm really excited I have this outlet to share these memories with you.
If you have any experience in this whole graduating from college thing I would love to hear from you - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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