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Friday, December 30, 2016

Year in Review // 2016

We planned the entire Moody College of Communication Week
We beat Notre Dame and celebrated at Pedernales
We celebrated yet another Ladybird Petal Class
We visited the most amazing pumpkin patch
We created a full length magazine for class
We traveled the world with our best friend
We went to Rhode Island for the first time
We got an internship with Texas Monthly
We celebrated Haute Table's 4th birthday
We went to a {closed} Magnolia Market
We laid in Bluebonnets for the first time
We edited the New York Coffee Guide
We ate ice cream out of a donut cone
We visited East Austin Succulents
We jumped for joy {and balloons}
We visited the Parent Trap House
We experienced to our first rodeo
We got another amazing little
We studied abroad in London
We went to Royal Ascot
We visited Luke's Diner
We bought orange pants
We went to Wimbledon
We visited Prada Marfa
We tried the Rose Latte
We posed with a fence
We stood for 12 hours
We made a beach bag
We met Grace Helbig
We finally tried Del's
We visited Balmoral
We traveled to Paris
We went on a boat 
We turned 20
Yesterday I discussed my resolutions and my thoughts on 2016 as a whole. But today is all about the amazing things we got to do on this blog togther. A huge thank you to all of y'all for your constant support in this interesting 2016. You were with me through all of the above and I am thrilled to see what 2017 brings for me {and us}! -xoxo darling, Hayden

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