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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Resolutions in Review

Last year, like normal, I made some resolutions. Let's see how your girl did:

1. Be More Spontaneous // I think this was the goal I accomplished throughout the year. When I went to London I would randomly get on a bus and just see where it took me. Being in a city like that helped me to understand that you don't have to have everyday planned -- and most days I didn't. I loved traveling like that because I hadn't done it before. I also took a little bit of a step back with my spirit organization in the fall semester in order to better balance my life. It helped me to do more outside of clubs and classes which is something I wouldn't have considered in the past. Because of this goal, I took more trips {San Antonio, Rhode Island/Boston, Dallas, etc.}. And I got to experience things like: throwing my first party in my apartment, getting pied in the face for charity, standing for 12 hours {again, for charity} and my first 5K {and guess what? I walked it!}. I am proud of myself for being a little more spontaneous this year and I look forward to continuing it in 2017. 
2. Explore the World More // Uhm...yeah I think we could say I did this. I started off the year in Florida, then flew back to Texas where I took roadtrips to San Antonio, Luckenbach, then flew to Boston & Rhode Island for a weekend, went home for spring break, then I studied abrod in FREAKING London, traveled to Scotland and Paris, came back to Texas, went to Gruene and the Texas Hill Country, took a weekend getaway to Dallas, and drove through West Texas to Lubbock, then I ended the year in North Carolina. If that doesn't say explore the world more I don't know what does... But in all seriousness doing all of this traveling helped me expand my horizons even more than in the past. And those months I spent in London helped me learn about so many different cultures. I absolutely loved my time abroad and look forward to the next time I can go. 
3. Work Harder // This went...okay. Actually, no it didn't. It went great in some areas. I was able to get a 4.0 in both of my journalism classes {remember Botanic} but I had to drop a class and another one didn't go exactly as planned. Haute Table did better this semester but I still think it can improve and I really took a step back on District because it isn't where I want it to be. I think this semester really showed me that stuff like that is okay. I stress myself out a lot about the fact that District hasn't published in a year, but you know what? That is okay. Other stuff is going great in life -- I am interning at one of my dream magazines (Texas Monthly) in the spring, I am incredibly proud of where I am at in my journalism work, and I got to spend my best friend's last semester of college with her. "Work Harder" is always going to be a goal of mine but I am not stressing myself out over the little things. But, I will warn y'all now, I have a rough class schedule coming up so we shall see how HT does. 
4.  Be Okay with Confrontation // I can't tell you about this one a whole lot...because I still HATE confrontation. It is so easy to get upset in certain situations and my anger got the best of me a few situations this past year. However, I will say that I have been better about confronting people to take on more so that not everything is falling on my shoulders. And those people have been doing wonderful. 
5. Spend More Time on Myself // I think I accomplished this most in the summer because I focused on making myself happy in London. After a few weeks there I realized I didn't have the same goals as a lot of my friends in the program. So I just decided I was going to do what I wanted to do and I ended up spending some really productive time with myself. It. was. great. I still need to take breaks from my phone, drink more tea, and be a little more zen but I think this goal is getting there. 
Overall, 2016 has not been my favorite year. I don't think I accomplished my goals in the same way I did last year. I know most people just want 2016 to end and...I kind of feel the same way. I am excited for 2017 and I am trying not to put too much hope into next year but I have a feeling it will go better. Check back into HT tomorrow for a more positive outlook on 2016-xoxo darling, Hayden.

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