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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FTK -- Dance Marathon

About a week ago {from Sunday} I stood for 12 straight hours {it was EXHAUSTING}, but totally worth it. I was standing "for the kids" in an effort to raise money for the Dell Children's Hospital in Austin. Dance Marathons are very prevalent on college campuses and my spirit group helped raise over $1,000 for the cause. {Side Note: To be honest, I thought there would be more dancing & that it would be slightly more like the Gilmore Girls episode, but it wasn't, still fun, just different}. gilIt was an awesome experience, and now I know that I can stand for that long and still get up the next morning and go to class. I have included some of the photos from that day. We had to change colors every two hours {so that is why I am wearing so many differnet outfits}. Check it out below & let me know if you have particiapted in a marathon-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Our Miracle Kid loved pineapples, so it was kind of perfect.

The G-Little came to visit me! 

I tried my first Red Bull...

After 12 hours it was time for a Slurpee.

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