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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week Re-Cap

What another amazing week it has been! I started off at my internship, then had a few meetings/explored, went to Wimbledon, visited Brighton, saw a friend at Oxford {and ended up on a pub crawl}, did some more exploring, and finally ended it back at my internship {in which I only have four more days!}. 
Wimbledon was one of my best decisions of this study abroad and I have a whole post about it come at y'all soon. Oxford was also pretty magical {so look out for that post}.
What wasn't magical and was more weird than anything else was the Barbican Center that I stumbled upon after visiting the Museum of London on Monday. It was built in the 1950s as this kind of "one-stop-shop" living and now it just looks like it needs to be pressure-washed all the time. Look it up if you get the chance...it's really special-xoxo darling, Hayden.

I stopped into Daunt to grab some books for 
the Wimbledon queue.

 We went to Soho for alcohol milkshakes at Stax.

 Exploring White Chapel

 And somehow I ended up at Tower of London.

 I had the most amazing time at Wimbledon on Day 11! {via}

 We had an early train to Brighton.

Hannah asked me if I eat it or if I just take photos with it...{via

 Sunday in Oxford was perfect.

 We ended up on a little pub crawl...{via}

 Monday I went to Farm Girl with a friend from high school! 

 It was so cute! 


 Postman's Park is a beautiful memorial.

And it's in a super cute park!  

 The London Museum

 Barbican Center really confused me...

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