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Monday, May 4, 2015

Comm Prom

Yesterday was kind of amazing. First, I am involved in Comm Council for those who don't know. And it is a wonderful organization that has become a family for me. Recently I was nominated as "Best New Commie" aka best new member for the spring semester. My family (bigs/littles) was also nominated for "Best Fam" and I was lucky enough to win both awards! 
Aside from that, yesterday was Comm Prom where we go out on a barge in Lake Travis and relax. It was the perfect way to start off what is going to be a really stressful week {I type as I avoid working on a HUGE project}. Anyways, here are far too many photos of Comm Prom-xoxo darling, Hayden.

The wonderful Hannah

There was even a slide on our boat!

My gorgeous family, Layla // Big (couldn't be there), 
Ryan // Big, Madi // Twin, and Heather // G-Big.

With Hannah & the super cool Sara!

My amazing committee chair, Kim.

We like taking selfies in our hats.

So much love for Ryan.

This fabulous prep is headed to San Francisco after graduation! 

The always gorgeous Morgan.

Madam President, Maya

Dancing on a boat...

I promise I have a neck...


Two things: 1. Sara is adorable
2. See how we were on the second story of the barge? 
I jumped off of it...that's right, me who is afraid of heights.

Probably one of the coolest people I know, Kirsten.

Gingers/Foodies forever.

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