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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Food Diaries: Sugar Mama's Bakeshop

Hannah and I love food, it is probably why we are such besties. We went out a few weeks ago and then we wanted to go somewhere for dessert. We were thinking of going to a gelato place on South 1st but then we scrolled up and saw Sugar Mama's Bakeshop {a Cupcake Wars winner}...so did we waste our time with gelato? NO! We went to the bakery!

First of all, it is adorable inside.

They have all different delicious treats including cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and macarons.

Of course I had to try a cupcake--"Mama Loves You" which was Lavender Chocolate and was fabulous. The chocolate was moist and the icing was creamy and you could taste the lavender which complimented the chocolate to perfection.

That is a face of extreme happiness {notice my iPhone camera open on the left, always photographing food}.

Then...Hannah and I saw this "s'mores bar" in the window and decided it was a necessity. I couldn't finish all of my treats so I ate a few bites and then took the rest home and had it the next morning for breakfast. Let me just say, it was mouthwatering. It was fabulous. And if you go there, you must get one of these bad boys.

Hannah had a--Southern Belle--red velvet cupcake and a lemon bar. I tried her lemon bar and it was FABULOUS. The lemon was extremely tart {the way I like it} and the bottom was a delicious crumbly sugar cookie. Hannah said, "Oh my! It was cute and had too many delicious options to choose from. My red velvet cupcake was absolutely delicious. The cream cheese icing was thick and creamy. And the red velvet cake was super moist and delicious. The lemon bar had a thick and delicious sugar cookie crust with a scrumptious layer of lemon goodness!"


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