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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Best Things Come In Small Packages

Who was it that said that the best things come in small packages? Because that person was incredibly bright. My mama was in Chicago last week and she and I were joking about what I needed from Chicago. My suggestions were a large pizza from UNO and Fannie May chocolate. 
The story behind my love affair with Fannie May is that my Mimi {grandma} used to take me to the Fannie May store in Fort Myers every December and we would make a big box of chocolates for the family for Christmas. It was so much fun and she would always get me some chocolate while we were there. During Christmas time my favorite flavor is Eggnog, but overall I love the Trinidads. They are delicious! 
So my mama surprised me with a small box of my favorites in the mail. I was so happy when I got them, and they taste just like I remember.
Sadly, most of the Fannie May stores have closed, but there are still some in Chicago. Have you ever had them?
 -xoxo darling, Hayden

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