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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

College Food {1}

I'm starting a new series! Yay for that! 
This will be all about those little microwavable meals we are forced to buy in college. I will be reviewing one at a time with things like how it tastes and if it worth how much it costs, so make sure to keep checking back! 
I will be completely honest when I say I had never had General Tso's Chicken before I ate this Tai Pei version, so I might be completely incorrect in my opinions about how it tastes. I was in the mood for Chinese food, my favorite is Kung Pao but they did not have that, and Tso's said spicy so I bought it...and I was pleasantly surprised. Yes it is a little sweet, but the aftertaste is quite spicy. The rice looks like it was frozen and then cooked in a microwave but it tastes good and the vegetables were fresh {both in looks and taste}. The chicken might have been the weakest component just because there was not enough and the breading was a little soggy after the 10 minute microwave time {my dorm microwave is terrible}. PRO TIP: Put this on a plate when you microwave it, I know it says to do it in the container, but it is not conducive to cooking all the way through in that container, lay it out and it cooks much faster! 
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