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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hayden's Late VMA Faves

So I do realize that the VMA's happened quite some time ago, but that isn't going to stop me from having some fun. I went and watched the award show On Demand on MTV's website and I was in a joyous moment. Everyone did so well, and then Beyonce came on stage and I haven't stopped crying...but really though...Here are some of my favorite, or not so favorite, looks...and a link to Queen B's performance {by the way, in love with that leotard!}. -xoxo darling, Hayden
So you're going to hate me, but I really do not like this dress on Bey.
 I think it covers up way to much and it kind of engulfs her.
I love this! Those pants are on my wish list!
Love the dress, it is so classy. BUT I HATE THE HAIR.
 I will never understand the slicked back look!
The blazer seems too big on her, but those shoes are on point!
A very strange choice for T-Swift...I miss her preppiness, but I love her hair!
STAHP trying to be Brit + Justin circa 2001, you will never be that cool.
Now THIS is a Beyonce dress!
In love with Jesse J's top/dress thing! Nicki handled the wardrobe malfunction with class.
LOVED THIS! Channel those flappers T-Swift!
All photos are from WonderWall & MTV
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