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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Camp Texas

Being from out of state is difficult sometimes...I only knew {I have since met a ton of people} one person, my roommate. But I found out about this amazing program called Camp Texas. It is put on by the Texas-Exes Alumni Association. It is a wonderful three day camp held in the Hill Country, about 45 minutes away from Austin. We had a color war {see photos below}, participated in the Olympics {my group one our part}, and had an amazing skit that involved Kanye West leaving Kim Kardashian at the alter for none other than Kanye West. 
The whole experience was awesome and I know I'll be seeing my camp friends around campus this fall. So, if your school offers something like Camp Texas, I would highly suggest you attend---even if you're not out of state. You will meet so many new people and have such an awesome time!
 Bunk beds for the first time ever in my life!
 The Peruvian Puff Peppers were AMAZING!
 Blurry color war photo...
Roomies who were super awesome!
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