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Monday, May 5, 2014

Week Catch Up

Last week was a long week. I finished up school, got to see the amazing Shea {she lives in Kansas City}, went to Blu with Heather, had various study sessions, saw Prism, saw The Other Woman {check back for my opinion of that tomorrow}, and worked on graduation presents. Today was my first {of 10} IB exam. I think it went well and I am glad that I have started the downhill process. Tomorrow's exam is in the afternoon & then I am headed to my mama's tourism rally {I'm sure there will be photos of that later this week!}. Wednesday I have a study session, Thursday I am taking AP English {which my (possible) future UT roomie Devi is also taking!}, Friday I take IB SL Bio & I have a graduation party to attend. Saturday is also crazy as I have two graduation parties and I am {finally} taking my senior pictures. So yeah...next weeks "Week Catch-Up" might be longer than this one. Lastly graduation is in 12 days!!!! -xoxo darling, Hayden

The amazing Katie & Shea took me out to dinner on my last day. They also made me wear a Princess Grad sash and tiara. I was told happy birthday a total of three times that night. But it was fabulous. 
 Mama & I were out on Captiva this past Tuesday for a reception; 
grabbed a selfie as the sun set.
 Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Mossimo | Nail Polish: Essie

 Last day of school potluck!
 Because Pretzel Rollo Delights are always perfect for potlucks. 
 Frozen movie days in English are only better with fresh popcorn and Erika!
I cannot believe my 11 years with Kellyn Celtic Arts is coming to a close. My last class is May 14th and I know I will be an emotional wreck when the time comes for me to leave my last class. I'm pretty sure I will always keep my ghillies close to my heart...the tiara not so much. I seriously encourage anyone to try Irish dancing. It is so unique and so much fun!
Shot from a Blu Sushi date with Heather...Lava Drops are life.
 Chipotle Selfie
Graduation presents 
The Prism concert at my school was amazing!
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