Saturday, May 24, 2014


I realize it has been a week since I graduated, but come on, these shinny green caps and gowns needed to be shown off somewhere-xoxo darling, Hayden.
The amazing Heather {off to High Point}!
Hannah is my travel buddy {off to Carson Newman}!
Excuse me for looking crazy in this photo...
 It was a period 7 SL Bio reunion!
 This photo was taken by my local news paper, The News-Press!
My amazing BFF Caline {off to UF}!
Erika has been there for me through everything {off to Northeastern}!
 My BFF Taylor who will always be there for me {off to UCF}!
 Started from preschool now we're here, love Jordan {off to UCF}!
 Erika again because she is awesome!
 This wonderful girl came back to see my graduate (just kidding her brother 
was graduating...but still) {goes to FSU}!
 Elizabeth is my True Blood buddy and has gotten
 me addicted to Hannibal {off to UF}!
 "She doesn't even go here!" {Amber goes to FGCU}
 Two preps. One school.
 The amount of crying I will do when I realize I no longer have my Bhuvs & Savs to study with anymore will be like a flood. Together we are the dreamteam and even Barnes & Noble will miss us {off to UF}!
 Justine is awesome and I cannot wait to meet the Wahlbergs with her {off to Northeastern}!
 Cupcakes For Charity reunion with TayTay and Elizabeth {who is off to Kentucky}!
 *See my message under Bhuvs & know that this girl is
 truly the sweetest human being ever {off to FSU}!
 Thank goodness we got through those awkward middle school days {Payton is off to Georgia Tech}!
 Graduation Selfie! {Jason is off to Kentucky}
 I texted Abigale about graduation and said that we must get a photo together. She responded asking if it would be on the blog, and of course I said yes. I wish her all the best 
of luck in college, she'll be great {off to UF}!
 Alexis is hysterical and I love her {off to FSU}!
Walking in
When we first sat down
Kenya giving a fantastic speech {off to the University of Chicago}!
 Receiving my diploma
Moving our tassels from right to left

Singing the alma mater
 Hat toss!
Three generations of Pigotts have attended Fort Myers High!

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