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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Food Diaries: Farmers Market

So I have decided to start a new post {and subsequently a new page ----------------------------->}. 
I am really excited because I used to do this when I was in elementary school for my local newspaper. And what is "it" you ask? Well restaurant reviews of course! I plan on doing some before I leave home and then I will kick it into high gear once I get to Austin {because according to Trip Advisor there are 3,103 restaurants in Austin}. I hope my roommate likes new foods because we are going on some serious adventures together! 

Anyway, here is the first post, let me know what you think-xoxo darling, Hayden.

When I was little I would have performances at my elementary school all the time...like to the point where it was annoying. So my family would eat at the Famers Market Restaurant if we could eat before the show. It has been there forever and I assume it will continue to be as it is delicious. When you walk in it is very plain, blue flower wallpaper {that has been there for over 18 years}, wooden tables, waiters and waitresses in pale blue short sleeve oxford shirts with khaki shorts or pants and a window with the question "Don't have a bible? Ask for one of these." Remember, I live in an extremely conservative town so this is totally normal. It also describes the restaurant perfectly: good home-cooking and warm-hearted people. 

The menu includes an array of delicious options {chicken gizzards anyone?} but seriously everything is delish. On the left side is their normal menu and on the right is their menu of the day. This is whatever has come in from the local famers market. Each entree includes three home-cooked sides and cornbread or rolls. I would opt for the rolls as they are mouthwatering yeast wonderfuls {I just made up a word but they are amazing and might be my favorite part of the whole meal...and that is saying something}. 
Once you have gobbled up the entire roll basket leaving the rest of your table looking at you as if you were a rabid raccoon, your food arrives. On this occasion I ordered fried chicken with mac and cheese, fried zucchini {I was pressured into it}, and mashed potatoes. But everything I have ever had at FMR has been phenomenal. The fried chicken was moist, crunchy, and tasted just like a homecooked one from anywhere in the South. 
The mac and cheese was great {totally homemade, none of that Krafts}, the mashed potatoes are not the creamy kind you might be used to; they are straight up mashed potatoes, and the fried zucchini was not my favorite thing, but I am sure if you like zucchini fried you would have loved it. 
After all of that you would think dessert was impossible right? WRONG. They serve homemade pies {and pie is the "cadillac of desserts" according to my dad} so of course a slice was ordered. We went with the traditional chocolate cream {and we opted for whipped cream...because "it makes everything better" our waiter mused}. And I can't think of words to describe the creamy, chocolate goodness that entered my already salivating mouth. It was wonderful.
So would I recommend the Farmers Market? YES! Don't you want to put the taste of the South in your mouth?
out of four
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