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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week Re-Cap

Last week was a crazy week! There were lots of study sessions, graduation parties, and other activities to take part in. Here are some shots from my weekend, and as always make sure to follow me on instagram (see the right column)-xoxo darling, Hayden.


We like to drink Shirley Temples because we are still five...

Fresh Orange juice at a tourism rally.

Santanna's adorable cake, yes they spelled her name wrong!

The yearbooks are in & I could not be more proud!

Tan is adorable & yes that is a Lilly dress!

Pedicures make Biology seem not so bad.

It was "Taco Night" at my house again!

Katie is precious.

Texas and Massachusetts are far but that won't keep us apart.

Jordana {left} is headed off to American University in D.C. and Jess {right} is off to swim for The University of Miami! 

Santanna might be the worlds most adorable baby...

Heather is off to High Point!

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