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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Inspiration

Who knew the shortest month in the year would be my most hectic thus far? 
Yesterday I submitted my HOA IA (however there is a test next week, so is the stress really off??), next Wednesday I have to submit my ITGS IA, I have a Rho Kappa meeting next Wednesday, a dinner Tuesday, my birthday Thursday, and in the next two weeks I have a gigantic Spanish oral, my TOK presentation, two baseball games and so much more. 
However, tonight is my birthday dinner, so I am going to relax and pretend I am not extremely stressed and frazzled. I hope y'all have a great Saturday, what are you up to?

I've always wanted to 
have a picnic like this!


This table cloth is amazing!

Love this!

Need a charm bracelet ASAP!


Prep background perfection.

Black lace


I need to use sparklers!

Love this wallpaper!


Pearls + Shades

Tartan + Loafers 

Take me out to sea!

Paris vs. New York

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