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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Starbucks Adventures


So one of my best friends, Rianna, and I decided it would be fun to go to Starbucks every Wednesday for the first semester of our last year of high school (now that we've finished the semester, we still go, but we get our favorites!) and test out the "secret menu" frappe's. We have reviewed them and rated them on a 1-10 scale, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. Have one we didn't try? Email me the recipe at Hap213@embarqmail.com.

Trip 1:
Rianna tried the Cotton Candy Frappe
"It had good flavor, but it wasn't extra amazing-8/10."
{Cotton Candy Frappe
-Vanilla Bean Frappe
-2 Pumps of Raspberry Syrup}

Trip 2:
Rianna tried the Ferrero Rocher Frappe
"It tasted exactly like the candy, but I had to chew it too much. 8/10."

{Ferrero Rocher Frappe
-Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino
-Add Mocha Syrup (3 pumps)
-Add Hazelnut Syrup (1.5 pumps)
-Add Hazelnut drizzle
-Top with whipped cream}

Hayden tried the Chocolate Frosty Frappe
         "It tasted exactly like a Frosty, I loved it! 10/10"

{Chocolate Frosty Frappe
-Creme base
-Mocha Syrup (3 pumps)
-Vanilla Syrup (3 pumps)
-Vanilla Bean Powder (1 scoop)
-Heavy whipping cream
-Top with whipped cream}

Trip 3:
Rianna tried the Mocha Pumpkin Frappe
"It was amazing, I love pumpkin! 10/10"

{Mocha Pumpkin
-Pumpkin frappe
-Mocha Syrup ( 1 pump)}

Hayden tried the Chocolate Dalmatian Frappe

            "It was pretty good, if we're talking looks it gets a 10/10, because it looked like a Dalmatian in a cup, but it was too crunchy and I had to chew it too much. 7/10."

{Chocolate Dalmatian Frappe
-White Chocolate Mocha frappe
-Java chips
-Chocolate chips}

Trip 4:
Rianna tried the Coffee Crisp Frappe.
"It was pretty good, but it had too many chunks of 'crisp.' 7/10."

{Coffee Crisp Frappe
-Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
-2 scoops Java chips
-1 pump hazelnut syrup
-1/2 pump mocha syrup
-1 shot espresso}

Hayden tried the Mint White Chocolate Frappe
"I thought it was pretty good, but tasted a little too much like the green tea frappe. 6/10."
{White Chocolate Mint Frappe
-White Mocha Frappuccino
-Java chips
-2 pumps peppermint syrup
-1 scoop matcha green tea powder}

Trip 5:
Rianna tried the Blackberry Cobbler Frappe.
"It was kind of bland. 5/10."

{Blackberry Cobbler Frappe
-Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
-1.5 pump white mocha syrup
-1 scoop freeze-dried blackberries}

Hayden tried the Neapolitan Frappe.
"It tasted like the Strawberries and Creme Frappe, like there was no difference, so on the scale I would give it a 1/10 because it tasted like something I could normally get. 1/10.
{Neapolitan Frappe
-Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino
-1 scoop vanilla bean powder
-2 pumps mocha syrup}

Trip 6:
Rianna tried the Pistachio Ice Cream Frappe.
"This tasted just like pistachio ice cream! 8/10."
{Pistachio Ice Cream Frappe
-Green Tea Frappuccino
-No classic syrup
-2 pumps hazelnut syrup
-2 pumps toffee nut syrup}

Hayden tried the Chocolate Chip Brownie Frappe.
"I loved it! It tasted just like a chocolate chip brownie, super happy! 10/10."
{Chocolate Chip Brownie Frappe
-Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
-Java chips
-2 mocha syrup}

Trip 7:
Rianna tried the Ginger Snap Frappe.

"It tastes just like a ginger snap, but the ginger could be a little stronger. 9/10."
{Ginger Snap Frappe
-Chai Creme Frappuccino
-Carmel Drizzle in cup
-Java Chips}

Hayden tried the Rolo Frappe.
"I was in love. It was amazing! 10/10!"

{Rolo Frappe
-Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
-Java chips
-Carmel drizzle on inside of the cup}

Trip 8:
Rianna tried the Cinnamon Roll Frappe.
"I really enjoyed it, it tasted just like a cinnamon roll. 9/10." 

{Cinnamon Roll
-Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
-2 Pumps White Mocha Syrup
-2 Pumps Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
-Cinnamon Dolce Powder}

Hayden tried the Chocolate Cream Frappe.
"This was great! Love the chocolatey taste, not sure why I didn't get whipped cream though! 9/10."

{Chocolate Cream
-Mocha Frappuccino
-Mocha Syrup
-Whole Milk

Trip 9:
Rianna tried the Swamp Monster Frappe.
"I really liked it, but it was a little sweet. 7/10."

{Swamp Monster
-Green Tea Frappuccino
-Java Chips
-Caramel Drizzel
-Cookie Crumble}

Hayden tried the Nutella Frappe.
"I really enjoyed it, but there was no real nutella taste. So for a yummy frappe 9/10, for nutella flavor 1/10."
-Regular Coffee Frappuccino
-2 Pumps Mocha Syrup
-1 Pump Hazelnut Syrup
-Whipped Cream Blended In}

Trip 10:
Rianna tried the Chocolate Raspberry Frappe.
"This was good, I liked the tangy-ness. 8/10."
{Chocolate Raspberry
-Mocha Frappuccino
-2 Pumps Raspberry Syrup}

Hayden tried the Cookie Crisp Frappe.
"It was good, but not perfect. 7/10."

{Cookie Crisp
-Soy Milk with a Cream Base
-3 Pumps Hazelnut Syrup
-3 Pumps Toffee Nut Syrup
-Java Chips}

Hayden tried the Oreo Frappe.
"It was pretty good, I would give it a 7/10."
-Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino
-White Mocha Sauce
-Java Chips
-Cookie Crumble}

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