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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tricks for a Dinner Party

So I love party planning, and there are a few things I have learned over the years (thank goodness for the invention of Pinterest!). Here are two simple ways to make your dinner party a success (and look pretty too!).

  1. Make info cards, especially if you are eating out. 
I always choose a new restaurant (or somewhere my friends haven't been) so they don't know the menu, I give them a small list of my faves from the restaurant.
I love making hash-tags. I feel like they really unite a group so I made one for my birthday (note that it rhymes!).
Also, let people know about photos, since I have this wonderful blog, I posted them earlier this week and told my friends when/where they could find them. 

 2. Make place-cards that mean something.
I always choose where my guests sit so there is no fighting or an awkward silence.
This year I did something different, I found a photo of me and the friend who was sitting there. Some are embarrassing, others are the prettiest photo of us together.
Then on my place-card I compiled all of the photos. 

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