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Friday, February 21, 2014

Articles I'm Reading

This week has been wonderful. Three days of school is the best kind of school. This weekend I am expecting to fly by, lunch with Caline tomorrow and rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. Plus I have the dreaded Spanish oral this coming Thursday :( However, Tuesday I am going to Tampa for a Yankees/FSU game & having dinner at the Columbia (my favorite!). Then Friday Rianna & I are off to volunteer at a Red Sox game. Anyway, Buzz Feed has been getting me through these past few weeks, enjoy!

  1. What College Should You Actually Go To...Buzz Feed (I got MIT)
  2. Every NFL Logo Redesigned As A Popular Brand...Buzz Feed
  3. 15 Baked Potatoes That Never Should Have Happened...Buzz Feed
  4. An Important And Definitive Ranking of Every James Bond Film...Buzz Feed
  5. 17 Terrible Pieces of Advice from 'Seventeen's' Ultimate Guide to Guys...The Daily Beast
  6. 15 Food Reasons Italians Are Better At Life...Huff Post

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