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Monday, June 6, 2022

Monday Links

We can't not speak of the horrific tragedy that happened in Uvalde, Texas. A town I have visited and loved. A town not too far from where my best friend is a teacher. Those children did not deserve to die because of politicians, gun-loving Americans, a psychopath and Uvalde PDs inability to deal with a situation. But here we are. I am heartbroken, devastated and angered.

Steve Kerr had my favorite the only acceptable take on the tragedy.

Dear Gun Owners.

78 minutes. An unforgivable mistake. Those kids deserved better.

Ted Cruz accepted the most gun-lobby money of any politician.

Where to donate to help the Uvalde victims.

For levity:

This home with hand-painted murals is amazing.

Loving the granny-style movement.

Goodfellas is one of my favorite classic films.

Love Grace's take on the AFI 100 movies.

7 Denver brunches you have to visit — I love Star Kitchen — and the definitive guide to brunching in Denver. And a brunch for any budget.

Some delicious looking recipes. Plus, these eggs look incredible!

Books to read this summer from your fave celebs and 25 more perfect for a beach vacay.

We love Gretchen Whitmer.

Some great house inspiration from Cornwall and this one might be even more my speed.

Coastal grandma summer, anyone?

Frank Horvat's fashion imagery is some of my favorite ever.

The yellow kitchen!!

Hyped to see Venita Aspen on this season of Southern Charm.

Zarifa Ghafar is an inspiration to us all.

So excited for the new seasons of Virgin River, it's absolute garbage but I love it.

AAPI-owned beauty brands to shop right now.

Obsessed with this 18th-century farmhouse.

23 beautiful coffee shops you have to visit around the world.

This site will find you things to do within certain amount of hours!

Find out what companies you use are supporting anti-abortion laws.

Obsessed with this flat in London.

Non-fiction books to read on vacation.

Meg Ryan + new rom com? Sign me up!

16 novels that feature abortion, plus more.

A funny piece on Star Wars' trash compactor.

Jane Fonda is the moment.

Congrats to Karine Jean-Pierre!

9 ways to help with Roe.

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