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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Week Re-Cap

New favorite beer garden!
Happy mid-week! A lot has been happening and I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with everything, but it's fine. And it will all work out. Anyway, I've been trying to live my best Colorado summer life so I've been taking myself out after work to do fun things. Then I started quarantining because tomorrow I'm headed on an epic roadtrip with the family. I'm pumped! How are y'all doing? Anyone else watching the Jan. 6 hearings?
Tommy's at Soda Lake Beach
Walking tour of Five Points
Cerveceria Colorado's Venga lager

Drive through Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge 
Delicious salad at Just BE Kitchen
Oh hey buddy!
Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria
Antiquing at Brass Armadillo
Southwest Gardens in Wheat Ridge
All the bowls from Whole Sol.
New favorite summer cocktail: The Popsicle at Welton Room.

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