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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Monday (but actually Tuesday) Links

Happy Tuesday! Hope y'all are doing well — xoxo darling, Hayden

I love Paula from Hill House!

If you aren't already in the autumn vibes, here are 15 movies!

This Megan Fox & MGK video is amazing.

A vast area of the Scottish Highlands is going to be rewilded and it sounds incredible.

Made this butter for my bread party last week and it was a huge hit.

Holiday pastry, pine tree and snowflake top the list of Diptyque's holiday candle line.

Little Debbie is making ice cream and it looks insane.

10 fleece jackets (I love all of 'em).

Catherine Deneuve is one of my favorites, Potiche is one of my favorite movies.

Pass the ERA, please — jk I'm not asking, I'm demanding.

Dying to see Wes Anderson's new movie, plus more about The French Dispatch!

This vintage train looks right up my alley. Imagine dressing up & having a photoshoot!

A Vienna museum has had to join OnlyFans in order to share their art.

Adele killing it, as always, on her 73 questions.

Desperate for a new season of Selling Sunset...

2022 books!

Take care of your sweaters because I just had a freakout about moths and you don't want that!

Okay, desperate to go to all these beautiful places!

Netflix's November line-up looks pretty good!

Gerrymandering is a very real problem and it must stop. Call your reps & senators today.

Still in my
Olivia Rodrigo moment.

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