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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Current Favorite TikTokers

We all know I'm obsessed with TikTok...who else has two accounts and spends all her time on it? So I thought I would share with y'all a few of my current favorite creators. I find that my tastes change every few months so my favorites change but these people are definitely at the top for me right now. Who are your favorites? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Maybe Tamsin

This British woman makes me wish I lived in London again. Her content is beautiful, funny and just wholesome in a biting way. I adore Rhubarb (her dog) and I want to be her friend real bad.

@maybetamsin I secured the kewpie mayo #sundays #london #vlog ♬ Lakme - Flower Duet - Lorne Balfe & Russell Emanuel & Steve Kofsky


My dad and I are obsessed with Emily's logo designs. The HR Block block had us rolling for days.

@emilyzugay Reply to @adobe ♬ original sound - Emily’sTikTok.edu

Mackenzie Newcomb

If you love New England vibes and fashion Mackenzie is a great one. She seems super nice, has great taste in books and makes me want to dress up even though I rarely leave my apartment.

@mackinstyle Today’s #OOTD is so #preppyaesthetic it’s not even funny but HOW CUTE? #renttherunway ♬ original sound - Mackenzie Newcomb

Xenia Adonts

The most positive high fashion person on TikTok. I love her energy and the way she styles things that I could never afford. She makes it all seem very effortless, but I'm sure she is working 1000x harder than I am at all times.


Assignment today is miu miu punk doll

♬ The Assignment - Tay Money

Carla Rockmore

A positive fashion mom for all of us. Her style is so her and I want to work my way into that.

@carlarockmore Let’s do a ‘70s daytime look! #overfiftyfashion #tiktokfashionmonth #ootd #charliesangelsunite #charliesangels #fashion #foryou #fyp #fashionhacks ♬ original sound - Carla Rockmore

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