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Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer 2021 To Do List

Summer is officially here! I feel like I kicked mine off in a pretty epic way with my roadtrip through Colorado (a comprehensive guide & vlog are coming soon). I thought I'd compile a list of everything I want to get done this summer when it comes to fun in hopes that it inspires you to do something epic. Which one are you adding to your list? — xoxo darling, Hayden

1. Make popsicles — Buy yourself some molds & get creative. 
2. Have patio drinks with friends — Ace Eat Serve & El Five are at the top of my list. 
3. Play badminton — I used to love to play this as a kid & I'm planning on getting back into it. 
4. Find a new pair of sunglasses — What do we think of these?
5. Go to a fair — There a quite a few around Denver + the state fair down in Pueblo.

6. Plan an ott picnic — Get yourself a cute basket & go nuts. More >>
7. Throw a Parent Trap-themed party — This is my go-to summer comfort movie.
8. Try on a nap dress — I honestly don't know if I will like but kinda love this one.
9. Go on a girls trip — I should be off to Grand Lake at the end of July & I'm hyped!
10. Find a "beer of the summer" — What will it be? Maybe this pack?

11. Splash in a pool — My roommate bought cute floats & I'm ready.
12. Make s'mores — I just love the chocolate + graham crackers...
13. Visit the botanical garden — I'm a member in Denver & need to go back.
14. Go on three road-trip day-trips — I'm excited to see where the summer takes me.
15. Try all the farmers markets — Denver has an increasing number of these!

16. Taste-test all the ice cream parlors — I'm slowly making my way through Denver.
17. Drink rose and read a whole book outside — My plan is to slowly make my way through a whole bottle on my balcony with a good murder mystery
18. Better your frozen drink game — Might I suggest a prickly pear margarita, aperol spritz, orange julius or frose.
19. Pick some flowers — The Bee Hugger & Berry Patch Farms are where I'm headed.
20.  Go boating — Yet again, headed to Grand Lake again this summer. See last year's photos >>

21. Eat ice cream in a park — I just want to eat one of those from-an-ice-cream-truck pops so bad.
22. Read some beach reads — I mean, this one just sells itself.
23. See a traveling exhibit — I have my eyes on the Denver Art Museum's
24. Go for a campus walk — Going to make my way across DU at some point.
25. Visit a new park — Thinking this one.
26. Ride a carousel — Kit Carson here I come!
27. Attend a farm dinner — Lyons Farmette is high on my list! 

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