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Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday Links

OOO buckle up! There are a ton of amazing links here to make your way through on this warm Monday morning. Get yourself an iced latte and dig in — xoxo darling, Hayden. 

Happy Pride! Here are 20 LGBTQ reads, 15 Queer-owned businesses and Bustle's Pride Yearbook.

AND 115 LGBTQ authors share books that changed their lives. 

Denver Friends: LGBTQ-owned businesses.  

The Texas abortion law is abhorrent and awful. Incredibly proud of this woman for standing up in her speech. 

101 ways to have fun this summer — I'm making my own summer bucket list that I'll be sharing soon.

Loved the first Knives Out, very excited for the sequel. 

These books will make you want to move to Nantucket. 

Adore Kacey Musgraves

What are your comfort films

Some non-fiction books to read this summer.

Denver Friends: I 100 percent agree with the Total Wine being the worst parking lot in Denver.

These restaurants look amazing.

Use these Olivia lyrics for your next Instagram post, and another one!

Malala's interview with British Vogue.

How cool are these tennis racquet embroideries?  

Denver Friends: 3 new ice cream shops to try this summer.

Oh, this is going on the TBR right away and so is this one!

Disney adults freak me out & this made me laugh.

Gas stations provide so much roadtrip comfort — loved this longform from Eater.

Need help reading more books? Do this!

Had no idea what was happening in Belarus.

Denver Friends: 10 new restaurants to try

Is this your favorite state park in your state?

17 roses for summer.

The best Trader Joe's coffee is...

35 feel good movies bc life is hard & 25 more!

Very excited for this Martha Stewart documentary

I find Tuckernuck to be overly expensive but I love this tennis dress.

I love all of these except Mediterranean. 

Austin Friends: Please go on this Hill Country roadtrip that centers around pie AND eat at these 10 places.

Romance novels deserve more hype for many reasons. 

Very intrigued by this Wes Anderson-adjacent movie.

Whipping cream cake? Sign me up.

Focaccia is the next thing on my "baking bucket list." 

The new season of RomComPods is out!!!

Any of these or these or these on your summer reading list?

Such a cool home!

Basket bags for summer.

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