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Monday, June 21, 2021

Monday Links

 Happy Monday! Hope these links entertain ya — xoxo darling, Hayden.

I kind of love a tennis skirt even though I will probably never wear one...

Definitely excited for this!

I want to Nancy Meyers my house real bad.

Jungalow is one of my favorite brands & now they've partnered with Target!!

What do y'all think about these zodiac determined outfits

I listen to Hannah Ware's sister's podcast, and this house!!

Still looking for a swim suit?

Indiana Jones is one of my go-to sick-day movies and I love this piece on it.

Love, love, love Annie Murphy!

Found this piece hilarious about women not wanting to return to the workplace.

Check out the rooms of successful women.

If you missed Juneteenth on Saturday, here is more information. And how to make sure the holiday doesn't become whitewashed.

Cult culture in America: fascinating read.

Like, really good books to read this summer, plus more!

Adding this mystery, by a Longhorn, to the TBR.

Do you agree with the hike from your state?

This kitchen is a dream.

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