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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Week Re-Cap

B-Twixt from Bonnie Brae is probably my favorite.
Happy Wednesday! It has been quite a fun week. Ate a lot of good things, did some work, finished some books and overall had a good time. This weekend I have some exciting things planned and I'm excited! How are y'all? 

Hey Bangkok! is one of my new favorites. 

Worked at the Denver vaccine site and had an absolute blast. 

FINALLY finished this book.

Tried out Denver Beer Co's new south Denver local and really enjoyed it.

Had a rough day on Friday so I watched Sydney White and ate my favorite ice cream.
Jessica & I won trivia!
Tried Chilgogi's chicken katsu & it was delightful.
The Doughnut Club opened in Lakewood and the donuts were great.
Big fan of Right Coast pizza.

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