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Monday, May 17, 2021

Monday Links

Looking forward to this week, hope you are too — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Daunt is my favorite bookstore ever.

Denver-friends: Pikes Peak's doughnuts are getting a revamp and I'm excited!

Molly Baz is one of my favorites and I'm dying for her book.

Adore a big collar

Emma Thompson is one of my favorite actresses.

This Parent Trap satire is hilarious. 

I had heard of Sanditon but didn't know it was based on Jane Austen so you know what I'm watching next! 

62 documentary films to watch...

I want to visit Greenwood to learn about the Tulsa Race Massacre because I never learned about it in school and that's a shame. 

A NOLA bakery is a James Beard "American Classic" on this podcast

Love Little Mix!

13 books to satisfy your wanderlust, I need all of these rn.

Add your pronouns to your Instagram now!

Absolutely obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo's music & this new song is no exception. 

Kind of desperate to visit Somerset now...

V happy for TSwift.

Oh, adding this to my list right now.

Jane Austen's property throughout the years.

How cool is this new Target collab?

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