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Friday, August 28, 2020

Early Fall Haul

Okay, yes, it is still August. But you know what? Time doesn't really matter during covid times...or so I've decided. Have I already consumed a pumpkin cream cold brew? Yes. Have I lit a fall candle? Yes. It's too hot to wear a sweater but don't you worry, the first opportunity I'm going to take it. So I've rounded up some pieces in stores that I think would make you feel in the festive fall mood. Maybe get dressed for your zoom calls, or drag your friends outside for a socially-distanced apple picking moment. What's your favorite piece? — xoxo darling, Hayden
1. White Sweater, 2. Red Dress, 3. Heels, 4. Orange Tee, 5. Scarf, 6.Orange Dress, 7. Blue Cableknit, 8. Orange V-Neck, 9. Light Jeans, 10. Yellow Longsleeve Blouse, 11. Orange Trench Coat, 12. Yellow & White Stripe Tee, 13. Stripe Socks, 14. Sunglasses, 15. Plaid Mask, 16. O Boy Sweatshirt, 17. Plaid Headband, 18. Grey Sweatshirt, 19. Orange Tank, 20. Black Jeans, 21. Yellow Blouse, 22. Chambray Headband, 23. Plaid Bow, 24. White Stripe Longsleeve Shirt, 25. Navy Socks, 26. Tan Cardigan, 27. Chambray Mask, 28. Baseball Hat, 29. Green Jacket, 30. Navy Sweater, 31. Burgundy Nail Polish, 32. Bandana, 33. Plaid Blazer, 34. Houndstooth Cardigan, 35. Hunter Boots, 36. Jeans, 37. Collared Longsleeve Shirt, 38. Pink Long Cardigan, 39. Orange Paperbag Pants, 40. Green Sweater, 41. Oatmeal Sweater, 42. Animal Print Mask, 43. Red Stripe Longsleeve, 44. Checkered Sweater, 45. Red Blouse, 46. Stripe Dress, 47. Blue Jacket, 48. Grey Sweater, 49. Sunglasses, 50. Green Jacket, 51. Double Breasted Blazer, 52. Heart Earrings, 53. Hexagon Earrings, 54. Flats 


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  2. So excited for fall! I need to check out some of these links. I love all the sweaters.

    xx Katie

  3. great picks for fall!!