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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Eight Years, Part Two

Most Popular:

2020 with Paperless Post (74,911) — Can someone please explain to me how this post became my second most viewed ever?! Don't get me wrong, I love working with Paperless Post. Their stuff is amazing, I'm just flat out shocked. I hope to work with the brand again in the future and continue to bring y'all the content you really love...e-cards!

Fort Myers Restaurant Guide (256) — I love that my hometown's restaurant scene is a top post! It takes me forever to write restaurant guides...because I'm a perfectionist and I come up with way more restaurants than are actually feasible. But it worked and you liked it!

My Favorite Burnt Orange Clothes (199) — Good news on this one...the new version publishes tomorrow! I'm happy to be helping my fellow Longhorns find some burnt orange clothes that aren't a t-shirt from the Co-op with "Texas" in plain letters written across it! Plus, it's really fun to make these because I find new clothes for myself.

New Current Denver Dining Guide (194) — Denver's restaurant scene has been a joy to explore & there are many of these guides on HT. I thought my Austin guide was intimidating but all of my Denver dining guides are to another level. But I'm glad people are using them for their trips to the Mile High City!

Last of Summer Recipe: American Tiffin (117) — I had really been trying to do more recipes on the blog...then COVID hit but this sucker was ahhhmazing. Having never had a tiffin (or rocky road) before, I was scared it wouldn't work but it did and I 10/10 recommend making it this weekend.

My Favorites:

Ultimate Austin Guide — This was on my 61 in 1001 and an overall goal for the blog after leaving Austin. It took me like two years to write it because I had so much I wanted to say. But I'm really happy with how it turned out — I really went through and picked my all-time A-town faves that I tell people to do when they ask for ideas. 

Juneteenth — I've always posted fairly political things on HT because it is a very essential part of my life. I was raised talking about politics, being involved in them, etc. so of course I would share that aspect with you. But, I've never talked about Juneteenth and I'm incredibly disappointed with myself about that. So, I've resolved to do so every year and I just think this particular post has great resources in it to continue your social justice work. 

Eggnog Chai Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe — We had a cookie exchange at work for the holiday season and I knew I wanted to go all out...so I did. And everyone loved them! I'm looking forward to December so I can make these again because eggnog is my favorite holiday item but combining it with chai & snickerdoodle, two of my other loves, makes it even better. 

Favorite Hot Chocolates — Before COVID hit I was all about expanding the drink section of my recipes section...now I just do it all on TikTok...but this post was fun to make! Hot choc is a huge part of my life now that I live where it snows, so it was fun showing that. Plus, I actually staged the photos and I think they turned out great. 

My Favorite Dress — I bought this dress at the flea market and when I saw it I fell in love. Hannah took the photos when she came into town and I had treated myself to a blow-out from DryBar so they turned out even better than normal. Ugh, that dress is just gorg! 

Apple Picking Look — Usually when I do outfit photos I can barely find seven pictures that I like of myself — for whatever reason. But when my friends and I went down south to pick apples they took so many photos that I fell in love with. Maybe it's their skills, maybe it's the outfit, maybe it's because I was having one of the best days...I don't know but I love 'em.

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