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Thursday, May 14, 2020

My Favorite Denver Walks

Due to social distancing, I find the most solace in long walks around Denver. It's kind of the only time I get to be by myself and be out in the fresh air. So I thought I'd compile some of my favorite paths for you to enjoy too...but make sure you stay six-feet apart from everyone you encounter — xoxo darling, Hayden.
Find some of my favorite summer hikes here.

Sterne Park + Gallup Gardens + Ketring Park, Littleton

My go-to walk is about 3.8 miles between Sterne and Ketring. I start off by parking at the War Memorial Rose Garden, walking around the lake at Sterne Park, then go up the street to Bemis Library/Gallup Gardens then walk around Ketring Park's two loops before heading back to my car. I think I love this walk because it feels like a regular park — you'll see people having picnics, the grass is kelly green and there are tons of bunnies and geese. They really feel like neighborhood parks, hidden way behind houses that only locals know about.

Washington Park, Denver

If you are looking for classic park vibes, Wash Park just south of Capitol Hill in Denver is the one for you. It's kind of like a small Central Park, with a boathouse, tennis courts, statues, a lawn bowling field and more. There's a big path around the whole thing, which makes for great walking, running, rollerblading, etc. The whole loop is about 2.5 miles and you'll spot everyone from hot dudes running to precious kids on bikes to barking dogs. It's also the perfect place for a picnic. 

Harriman Lake Park, Littleton

About 1.5 miles of trail lead you in a big loop around Harriman Lake in west Littleton. While there isn't a ton of greenery, you get epic views of the Front Range mountains. There are tons of dogs around and everyone is super friendly. There is a fairly large parking lot but it fills up on weekend mornings around 10am. 

Addenbrooke Park, Lakewood

Some of the greenest grass and the loudest swans live in Addenbrooke Park. While there are ball fields, the big loop around the whole park is a fun walk on an evening night. You'll see lots of elderly couples chatting away as you make your way along the flat path. On a spring/summer evening the sunsets are beautiful. 

Littles Creek Trail + Downtown Littleton

This creek runs just south of Littleton's main street and it connects to other trails in the area (including the one below). But instead of linking up with those I like coming off it and walking through downtown. There are so many cute buildings, shops, restaurants (at the time of writing, most are closed due to COVID-19). 

Centennial Link Trail, Littleton/Evergreen

This trail is absolutely massive and crosses multiple city lines. You kind of just have to pick a spot and start walking (but recognize you'll have to get back to your car at some point). You might come across farm animals, cool architecture or bicyclists. 

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