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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Week Re-Cap

A cute photo from a Friday night party.
Oof y'all, a good week that has now resulted in sickness. I flew to San Antonio last Thursday for a weekend with the best friend (and a Texas victory) but Monday morning woke up feeling not myself and after sleeping 10 hours last night I still don't feel quite right. But it's going to be okay — I'm trying not to tax myself too much and watching a lot of old movies (Sound of Music, Pride & Prejudice and others). This weekend I'm off to Iowa to meet my parents for the Iowa State game. I'm so excited! — xoxo darling, Hayden

Tried Quiero Arepas last week and loved it! 

Such a delicious muffin from My Favorite Muffin at the office. 

Look at this cute pastry chalet!

And it's delightful brownie.

A cozy bookstore in Arvada.

A cafe au lait from Hudson Bay Coffee Roasters.

Took a sandwich from Lloyd's in Arvada to the airport for my late flight.

How cute is Hannah's cat?

My San Antonio stroll to lunch provided with some amazing houses.

Lunch at Scratch in San Antonio was delicious!

Cafe au lait at Philo Coffee.

Look at this sweetheart! 

Dinner at Josephine St. in San Antonio.

Missed this girl so much! 

Uhm, yum!

Love these cute neon signs.

A gorgeous cheeseboard at a Friday night party.

Just two best friends acting weird.

Late night mini tacos at Taqueria Datapoint.

Started Saturday morning off with The Original Donut Shop's Boston Cream donuts.

Wouldn't be a trip to Austin without a stop at Madam Mam's.


A victory burger at P. Terry's.

Sunday brunch at Wendell's.

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  1. You take really nice photos well organized layout I love it!!